The Killingworth Community Gardens' mission is to provide residents with an opportunity to come together for the purpose of food production, environmental education and to encourage multi-generational gatherings. Individuals and groups at all levels of gardening expertise are welcome.
Year Seven 2014 - A New Initiative
In the spring of 2014, organizers determined that the front field would be used for individual plot registrations and the rear field would be converted to a Shared Harvest Garden. The SHG's mission is to develop a community volunteer maintained garden that educates on the benefits of fresh food choices with a goal of providing free seasonal produce for members of our community. A farm stand will be open Thursday, from 4-6:30 PM to distribute the produce free of charge to residents.

Electricity has been installed at Parmelee Farm, so gardeners no longer rely on the solar panels for the water pump. The stone barn has been converted into the headquarters adn main storage area for the community gardens.
Year Four, Five & Six
We welcomed more than 20 new gardeners in 2011 and filled 50+ plots. Volunteers donated a significant amount of produce to the local food pantries. Gardener led projects included a butterfly garden, a plot for food pantry donations, a flower border in front of the gardens, a cutting garden and expansion of the cutting herb gardens. In 2012 and 2013, poor weather encouraged organizers scale back plot registrations to make the project more manageable for organizers. A new shed was purcahsed for teh back garden with funding from the Killingworth Foundation and the Lions Club.
Our Third Year - 2010
We had 59 plost registered this season. Start up meetings were planned to review our goals and tasks or the upcoming season. It was determined at our February meeting that after-sun watering was important to many gardeners so we will purchase water tanks for storage. It was also decided that the two shady plots in the front garden would make a wonderful community herb garden. The Girl Scout Troop has again offered to make weekly deliveries to the Shoreline Food Pantry in Clinton.
Our Second Year - 2009
We had 46 plots registered in the gardens this season with the adjacent middle school taking a plot as well. A wonderful mix of youth, adults and seniors. The Shoreline Soup Kitchens & Food Pantries reported that we donated 269lbs of produce. The new field has a water outlet from the main well, supplied by the solar pump and the deer fence and gates are nearly completed. The three committees; shed and leisure areas, plots and paths and fencing are still getting organized as groups, but individuals are stepping forward to help with garden-wide projects. Community volunteers continue to be a vital part of our project's success. . The registration fee was raised from $20 to $30 this year to cover expenses.
Our First Year - 2008
The first year of gardening was a great success. All plots were taken and gardeners planted a wide range of vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. We were able to donate 195lbs of produce to the Shoreline Soup Kitchen. The gardeners held a Harvest Dinner in early October to gather with new friends, compare gardening techniques and enjoy the serene atmosphere.
Initial Funding
The community gardens are located on Town of Killingworth property and are therefore open to residents. Plot registration fees are used for general maintenance and improvements. Rep. Brian O' Connor secured a $10,000 grant from the State of Connecticut in February 2008 to pay for start-up costs. The budget submitted for that grant included purchase and installation of a solar powered pump, perimeter deer fencing, soil improvements and miscellaneous costs. A $250 mini-grant from Youth and Family Services of Haddam and Killingworth, Inc. awarded in March 2008 will be used for gardening supplies, plants and in general to promote the community's wealth in people, things, services, and resources.
About the Land
The town-owned property at 465 Route 81(map), recently renamed Parmelee Farm (formerly the Bosco Property), is 131 acres of passive recreation land purchased by the town in 2000 for $650,000. The land abuts the Cockaponset State Forest. The gardens are located on a homestead that most recently was used as a turkey farm. The initial layout of the gardens has 24 - 20ft x 20ft plots.